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Top 10 Pre Employment Screening Services Companies – 2022

Besides helping a company realize improvements in various business outcomes, pre-employment testing can help enhance the objectivity, equitability, and legal defensibility of an organization’s hiring process. All organizations should strive to ensure that all of their employee selection methods are equitable and legally compliant. As long as the tests are assessing skills and traits that are job-related, using tests will make hiring decisions more defensible by adding an extra layer of objectivity to the hiring process. Organizations that implement testing programs in accordance with legal guidelines are therefore better prepared to defend these procedures should a legal challenge to their hiring practices ever arise.

One common misconception with pre-employment testing is that utilizing tests as part of the hiring process increases a company’s legal exposure or somehow leads to additional legal risk. For companies that use professionally-developed, well-validated tests, the opposite is in fact true.

Pre-employment tests, like other selection methodologies used by an employer, are governed by the same federal guidelines intended to ensure equitable and non-discriminatory hiring practices. This means that the same laws that apply to the use of pre-employment tests also apply to all other selection methods, which may include screening candidates by experience and education, conducting interviews, checking references, and more. Using relevant employment tests exposes companies to no greater risk than using any other hiring criteria.

Pre-employment tests also help minimize liability risk by enabling companies to more closely follow the guidelines of the EEOC, which stipulate that companies use reasonable efforts to remove biases from their hiring processes. Using validated tests that do not discriminate according to age, sex, race, or other factors can reduce subjective biases and insert an objective, reliable data point into each hiring decision.

Additionally, tests may help minimize the risk of hiring employees who may expose the company to even greater liability – some pre-employment tests can measure how likely it is that an applicant might engage in unsafe or unethical behavior on the job. Using pre-employment tests to assess and minimize these types of liability risks generally far outweigh the minimal risk associated with administering the tests.

We present to you, “Top 10 Pre Employment Screening Services Companies – 2022.”

    Top Pre Employment Screening Services Companies

  • Mobile Health offers occupational health and employee screening — physical exams, drug testing, background checks, and much more — nationwide

  • Since 2006, Asurint has been leading the background screening industry forward. The company’s powerful, customizable technology, backed by expert answers and personalized assistance, helps employers hire the right candidates every time, and faster than ever before. Organizations leverage better background checks to reduce manual workloads, minimize compliance risk, promote a safer workplace, and drive insights to boost hiring and recruitment success.

  • Governed by a mission to mitigate risk for employers, Cisive empowers clients with actionable intelligence and clarity throughout the hiring process. With Cisive, clients stand to benefit from not just a background screening partner, but a lifelong partner—a company that stands by their work, protects their clients, and provides the consultation and guidance that world-class organizations are looking for. Cisive's quality of service, robust reporting, cost-effectiveness, and state of the art, configurable, proprietary technology set it apart from all others in the industry.

  • Integras Intelligence provides pre-employment and background screening services to clients around the world. The company has a diverse team of experts that combine technical, investigative, and corporate experience to offer a comprehensive suite of services, backed by state-of-the-art technology. The individualized approach to client partnerships affords more flexibility and insight than large providers that extend rock-bottom pricing for pre-set services. At the same time, it provides a cost-effective alternative to smaller firms that often don’t have the technology or bandwidth to support high-volume projects.

  • IntelliCorp is a provider of compliance-driven human capital management and risk management solutions. With easy-to-use technology, best-in-class service, and cost-effective solutions, the company has helped businesses and organizations hire and recruit quality talent and volunteers since 1996. IntelliCorp provides a 360-degree—“full circle”—view of candidates, which enables clients to get a full representation of applicants based on their specific requirements. For instance, IntelliCorp’s healthcare package helps organizations face additional scrutiny and regulations, in addition to all the traditional hiring concerns that affect all companies.

  • An industry expert in providing professional, expert, and compliant pre-employment drug screening services throughout the United States

  • Data Screening

    Data Screening

    DataScreening helps companies expedite, manage and understand their entire background check process

  • Global HR Research

    Global HR Research

    Global HR Research combines advanced screening technology, data and business analytics to deliver better background screening programs to thousands of customers and their candidates

  • National Research Associates

    National Research Associates

    National Research Associates enable our clients to focus on their business while we provide cost effective, professional and confidential reports for their employee background program

  • Sterling


    Sterling is a leading provider of background and identity services — offers background and identity verification to help clients create people-first cultures built on a foundation of trust and safety