Safe-Screen: Avoid Legal Landmines in Hiring

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William Cage, Founder & CEO, Safe ScreenWilliam Cage, Founder & CEO
Recruiting a new employee can be an exciting time for a company. However, amid the new possibilities, most companies let compliance play second fiddle. The situation is self-explanatory as legal jargons can be overwhelming, and those acts and addendums aren’t always the easiest thing to get your head around. A significant part of this regulatory burden also involves understanding the laws in the country or state in which the employer is hiring. At this juncture, employers are bogged down with questions like: Do I really know who I am hiring? What federal and state-level laws and municipality codes apply to a specific candidate? How do I navigate that legal landmine and background checks without ending up in a negligent hiring scenario or lawsuits and penalties? What laws apply while hiring candidates from different countries or states?

Las Vegas-based Safe-Screen has the answers. Specializing in designing screening programs for all types of organizations, Safe-Screen is a platform that presents background checks on the candidates at a mouse click, facilitates information exchange via emails, and eliminates the reliance on paper-based processes. “Safe-Screen simplifies complying with the laws applicable to the candidates and running the background checks on them,” says William Cage, Founder & CEO of Safe-Screen and a veteran private investigator with three decades of experience. While Nevada has some of the strictest requirements for employment background checks, requiring vendors performing them to be licensed private investigators, Safe-Screen, unlike many other background screeners, brings in a compliant system as a Licensed Private Investigator, Private Patrolman, Security Consultant, and FCRA advanced-certification.

As advances in technology have dramatically changed the background investigation industry, Safe-Screen powers its superior services with state-of-the-art technology.
Safe- Screen functions differently right from the outset when an applicant’s information is submitted. It initiates the background check with as few details from the employer as the applicant’s name and email address.The intelligent platform ascertains the candidate’s current location and determines a gamut of laws that an employer has to follow for the particular applicant. For instance, candidates from Los Angeles and San Francisco would be treated differently as both the municipalities have their own reporting laws. The accurate determination of jurisdiction for a particular candidate accelerates further processing of the application. The cutting-edge platform allows clients to select direct application processing or leverage integrations for using their existing application tracking systems (ATS).

Equipped with the required details, Cage’s firm from the battle-born state follows the gold standards of verifying criminal records and taps directly onto the county courts across the nation. Searches for criminal records is just one of the multiple checks that Safe-Screen performs according to the client requirements. A logistics company may be keen to know the driving history of the probable employee and here the firm digs out relevant information. In tandem with the needs of the employers, the company verifies degrees issued by educational institutions and analyzes driving records, national security watch lists, and previous employment details of the candidate. “We crosscheck details like position, dates, and professional references against the information provided by the applicant,” adds Cage. Safe-Screen also plays a crucial role in checking activities of the existing employees and provides consultation as a part of its services.

Built from the vision of the old-school investigator— William Cage—Safe-Screen is an accurate and updated source of background information that makes clients succeed by presenting the true history of an applicant. This background check capability has unearthed more details, in some cases the violent past of the applicant, to safeguard the brand image of numerous organizations.

As relentless as any true investigator, William Cage aims to embed the platform with capabilities like integrated FCRA compliant social media search. Soon, the platform will also have features like text notifications in addition to emails.