National Screening Bureau: Making Every Hire a Successful Hire

Todd Sutcliffe, President, National Screening BureauTodd Sutcliffe, President
National Screening Bureau was built on the entrepreneurial spirit of founder, Todd Sutcliffe. As a result of his previous experience with credit bureaus, Todd was familiar with background checks and imagined ways to improve the quality of the reports and the experience for clients and applicants.

How did National Screening Bureau officially begin performing background checks? Todd was visiting a neighbor, who happened to be a KBI agent. This neighbor mentioned that because of his law enforcement connection, he knew of an individual who was in the local school that should not have access to children. The next day, Todd visited the HR director at the school, and that school became NATSB’s very first client. After running thorough background checks on all persons at the school, the individual in question was removed. Currently, National Screening Bureau counts numerous schools among their many clients.

The Kansas-based firm provides comprehensive pre-employment and professional development services that include background checks, drug testing, assessments, and corporate training courses. “A key part in recruiting the right employee includes discerning a potential applicant that is not only qualified, but also possesses behaviors that blend well with co-workers and a company’s culture,” he adds. NATSB uses its three core services—behavioral assessments, drug testing, and background checks collaboratively to help organizations identify the key attributes that would assist them in finding the best candidates. “Our goal is to help companies replicate their best employees using the services we provide,” says Sutcliffe.

NATSB initially focused on providing background checks and drug testing services, and about five years ago added behavioral assessments as a part of their service portfolio.

Our goal is to help companies replicate their best employees using the services we provide

According to Sutcliffe, for the most part, candidates are hired based on their qualifications and academic performance, however, the cause of their termination is usually due to their behavior: poor attendance, inappropriate conduct, lack of integrity, etc. In order to avoid such scenarios and to help recruiters make better and smarter decisions while hiring, NATSB utilizes a robust assessment tool, which measures characteristics such as thinking style, behavioral traits, and interests that provides actionable data about candidates in a simple to understand format.

One feature that differentiates NATSB’s employment screening practices from competitors is their Applicant Quick Invite (AQI), which is a part of the company’s background check service. Using the AQI, an email is sent to an applicant inviting them to click a link to input their information and sign authorization electronically via phone, tablet, or computer to start the process. Candidates also have the ability to login to the system at any time and see the progress of their background report.

NATSB allows clients the ability to customize their service, because what works best for one company may not for another. Clients have the ability to customize their account screen so features they use most often appear in a prominent position, conversely products that are never used can be hidden. Email invitation wording to applicants can also be customized, which results in an excellent applicant experience.

Consistent with their goal to help companies make every hire a successful hire, NATSB is working on a new product—a manager training program called Just Engage, which provides business leaders with the competence, confidence, and courage to connect with and support his or her employees while providing the tools and resources required to help managers and their employees achieve superior performance. “Our mission is to be the ultimate source of services to hire and retain superior employees for our clients,” concludes Sutcliffe.