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Andrew Shulman, CEO, Mobile HealthAndrew Shulman, CEO
As the number of COVID-19 cases rise and fall across the nation, companies are trying to restart the economy without jeopardizing public health. However, in their pursuit, several businesses are wading through uncharted waters to implement the safest measures to bring employees back to work. Amidst the turmoil, many employers are re-evaluating their rights and responsibilities to test their employees in order to ensure a safe and compliant workplace for their return. With a mission to provide high-quality, innovative, and cost-effective healthcare solutions to patients, communities, and employers, Mobile Health has emerged as a game-changer in the pre-employment screening space. “Be it COVID-19 testing, drug testing Tuberculosis, or medical evaluations, the speed of our result delivery is our key differentiator. It’s one of our key performance indicators. We track it, we live it, we breathe it,” says Andrew Shulman, CEO, Mobile Health.

Founded by Bert Brodsky in 1984, Mobile Health started its journey by as a sister company to Sandata which provides software services to home care agencies in New York City. Brodsky decided to form Mobile Health when he saw a pressing need for employee screening (physical/drug testing) for home health aides, delivering services at home care agencies across New York City in a mobile unit. Since then, the company has evolved over the years and has expanded its reach with seven owned and operated clinics in the greater New York City area, and a national reach by partnering with over3,000 urgent care and occupational health providers across the country. Shulman notes, “We have over3,000 urgent care centers and labs in our network and we plan to add about 2,000 more in 2021 to strengthen our strong national footprint.”

Technology-driven and Customer-centric

Mobile Health’s scalable and customizable employee medical screening solutions—respirator fit testing, COVID-19 testing, workplace drug testing, flu shot program, and more are designed to provide employers with a healthier, safer, and more productive workforce. “As professionals, we understand that our work has a huge impact on the customer’s business and employees. The day we don’t provide results, someone doesn’t get to work. That is neither good for an individual who is hoping to start their job or the employer who’s looking to onboard their employee,” remarks Shulman. “Unlike most of our competitors, we don’t focus on offering an ‘all-things’ HR to our clients—like criminal background checks, worker’s compensation injury care, pay roll, etc. We do one thing, and we are amazing at it!”

With COVID-19 disrupting life as we know it, the need for a quality employee health screening service, is now greater than ever. Leveraging 37years of success in pre-screening employees and candidates for infectious diseases, Mobile Health is perfectly poised to administer necessary COVID-19 services at all NYC clinics and over 3,000 partner-providers nationwide. The company was one among the first to mobilize and perform thousands of respirator fit testing all over the country to ensure that frontline workers wear properly fitted masks and stay protected. For onsite COVID-19 corporate reentry programs, the company offers a customizable program, including online health questionnaires, temperature screenings, and COVID-19 testing to address key employer concerns regarding returnto-work protocols and re-entry of employees to the workplace. “We are conducting about 6,000 to 7,000 COVID tests a week. As we expand our services and network, we will continue to add significant onsite services with robust technologies to support this battle against COVID.
Even after COVID fades away into the horizon, we will continue to focus on our onsite business with the goal to put the mobile back in Mobile Health,” mentions Shulman.

Be it COVID-19 testing, drug testing, pre-employment medical evaluations, or Tuberculosis testing, the speed of our result delivery is a clear maker of distinction for us. It’s one of our key performance indicators. We track it, we live it, we breathe it

As the first step to delivering its superior services, the Mobile Health team listens intently to its customers’ needs and tailors a solution that fits the bill. To put things in perspective, Shulman recalls Mobile Health’s engagement with a large industrial cleaning company—with thousands of employees across the country— that required help with respirator fit tests for its workforce. Their business had been impacted as the client struggled to schedule and receive results quickly. Mobile Health stepped in and provided them with a customized technology solution that helped the employees find the nearest Mobile Health partner center. Mobile Health was able to schedule their tests and send the results right back to the client in real-time.

It is plain to see that Mobile Health’s services are primarily geared toward alleviating the burden for HR personnel who simply cannot afford to wait for results. The company does most of the heavy lifting in this regard, tracking down individuals to ensure that they show up for their appointment, coordinating with partner locations to get all the paperwork done on time, so they can review them as quickly as possible.

What Makes Best-of-Breed Solutions

“On one hand, we are a business looking to help the employer fill a vacancy with a candidate, fullyaware of the expenses and risks that come along with it. So, they want to bring that person on in a safe way to ensure that they would not cause harm to anyone within the company, especially the vulnerable population. On the other hand, we have potential employee candidates looking for a job to make ends meet. In between these two parties is where Mobile Health sits. Given the importance of occupational health in this chain of events, we strive to serve both of them expeditiously and deliver quick results accurately,” says Shulman.

What fuels such unbridled passion towards client servicing is Mobile Health’s efficient management team at the helm. Holding over 100 years of combined experience of leading organizations through rapid growth and change, they have championed an innovative, technology-focused work culture that acts as the mortar that binds the company together— much like the old saying, “culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

They thrive on making their clients happy with top-notch services, attention to detail, and fast results. Even under unprecedented circumstances, the company’s honesty, transparency, and sense of accountability make them the go-to partner for clients. “I will often tell prospects that we will make mistakes at some point. But when it happens, the entire organization from the front line all the way up to the CEO will mobilize to make sure that it’s fixed immediately and ensure that things are put back in place. We are all in this together!” says Shulman.

The company’s core philosophy, stellar services, and dedicated workforce have enabled it to reach new heights year on year. In 2020 alone, they grew by over 30 percent. Today, Mobile Health’s focus is on developing its technology, building its network, and creating a set of APIs to integrate its systems with partnered urgent care centers as well as clients’ HR and applicant tracking systems. This will provide a further boost to creating a bigger and stronger network and technology for Mobile Health—paving the way for another record year. “Right now, an organization might have to contract with 10, 12, or 20 different companies to meet their occupational health needs, and we think through technology, that can be reduced to just one. And that one-stop-shop will be Mobile Health! This is our goal,” concludes Shulman.
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Mobile Health

Mobile Health

New York, NY

Andrew Shulman, CEO

With a mission to provide quality, innovative and cost-effective health care solutions to the patients, communities and employers, and deliver health results as quickly as possible, Mobile Health has emerged as a game changer in the pre-employment screening space