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Integras Principals - Anthony Picciano, Timothy Kavanagh, Robert Chang and Forhad Razzaque, Integras IntelligenceIntegras Principals - Anthony Picciano, Timothy Kavanagh, Robert Chang and Forhad Razzaque
Hiring is steadily gaining momentum after hitting the pause button for a while due to the pandemic. With the vaccine rollout and a reduction in Covid cases, “normalcy” seems to be on the horizon for most companies, which means they need to hire again. And, pandemic or not, bad hires can still happen. Background screening can help discover any potential issues beforehand that could detrimentally impact the business.

However, businesses are often challenged by limited resources and hard-pressed for time and seek a strong partner to make an accurate and informed hiring decision. There are quite a few companies that follow a manual route to perform background checks in the pre-employment screening space. They invariably score high on the quality of services, but the turnaround times and costs are not always favorable. On the contrary, companies leveraging state-of-the-art technology deliver faster turnaround times and cost-effectiveness but don’t quite hit the mark on the customer service front.

This is where Integras Intelligence, a provider of comprehensive investigative and research services, can spell business success. Deftly combining cutting-edge technology with skilled human analysts and seasoned investigators, Integras Intelligence offers timely intelligence that mitigates risks in the hiring process. “The key is to find the balance,” remarks Forhad R. Razzaque, President, Integras Intelligence. “Technology is a given to compete in the marketplace. You need it to be efficient and cost-effective. However, it’s the people who make the difference.”

The company recruits only top talent passionate about their jobs and trains them on FCRA guidelines and other compliance aspects, latest trends, new search tools in pre-employment screening, and law changes.

It is the hands-on approach with people and the right training that enables us to make a difference

It’s an ongoing process where the new hires are mentored to get certifications through PBSA, build their credentials, and eventually perform the checks themselves and serve clients better. The Integras Intelligence team ticks the boxes on delivering accurate and up to date information compliant with federal and local guidelines within a reasonable time and cost.

The company’s client engagement begins with integrating their secure online system with the client’s applicant tracking systems and HR information systems to simplify order placement and administration. However, the emphasis is on thoroughly understanding the client’s organization and work scope to ensure that they meet every client requirement. The clients are also trained on the system to place orders and review reports. What’s more, clients also have a dedicated and knowledgeable account representative to answer all their queries. But what takes Integras Intelligence’s customer-centricity a notch higher is that the team continuously evaluates their client relationships and customizes services to suit their needs.

According to Forhad, they have a scalable business model that equally addresses clients' needs—from those requiring just a few background checks to thousands a year—and treats them alike in terms of onboarding, servicing, answering queries, and delivering customer service. Another notable attribute that Forhad draws attention to is that, when the team reaches out to candidates, employers, references, or educational institutions as part of the background screening process, they fully understand that they represent their clients. “We ensure that the candidate’s experience—as well as anyone we are dealing with to complete the background check—is positive,” says Forhad. “On an equal note, we are also aware that the background screening information we present on potential employees may impact their lives. That’s a very serious responsibility that we take on as a background screening firm.”

It comes as no surprise that the company’s growing client roster boasts close to 500 clients, with a sizeable percentage coming in through referrals. “As a go-to partner for all pre-employment screening services, our clients are assured of the right information about their hires, compliance, and an efficient and cost-effective process,” Forhad signs off.
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Integras Intelligence

Integras Intelligence

New York, NY

Integras Principals - Anthony Picciano, Timothy Kavanagh, Robert Chang and Forhad Razzaque

Provides comprehensive investigative and research services that help organizations uncover the truth and mitigate risks