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Top 10 Emerging Pre Employment Screening Services Companies - 2022

The hiring process for some organizations includes pre-employment personality testing. The testing screens for desirable personality traits and are designed to meet a business need for cultural fit when filling a specific job. Creating algorithms that filter for certain traits may create new forms of bias. The changing demographics in the United States present the need for a more culturally representative leadership team that is less homogenous. There are legal implications for the use of pre-employment personality trait testing. Understanding whether diversity and inclusion is in alignment with pre-employment personality trait testing hinges on interpretation and validation.

Sometimes, pre-employment screening can feel like you have hit “the wall” over the course of a marathon instead of feeling the elation of crossing the finish line. There are plenty of problems that can present themselves as obstacles to a smooth pre-employment screening process.

Besides helping a company realize improvements in various business outcomes, pre-employment testing can help enhance the objectivity, equitability, and legal defensibility of an organization’s hiring process. All organizations should strive to ensure that all of their employee selection methods are equitable and legally compliant. As long as the tests are assessing skills and traits that are job-related, using tests will make hiring decisions more defensible by adding an extra layer of objectivity to the hiring process. Organizations that implement testing programs in accordance with legal guidelines are therefore better prepared to defend these procedures should a legal challenge to their hiring practices ever arise.

Pre-employment tests can only reduce a company’s legal exposure if the tests measure skills and traits that are related to performance for that particular position. This concept is known as the rule of “job-relatedness.” In this instance, the EEOC’s guidelines surrounding the use of tests are the same as their rules for any selection procedures: the tests must measure job-related skills and abilities. As a result, test selection is critical to legal defensibility. No matter how valid a test is, it won’t be legally defensible if it is used in an invalid way.

We present to you, “Top 10 Emerging Pre Employment Screening Services Companies – 2022.”

    Top Emerging Pre Employment Screening Companies

  • ACUTRAQ Background Screening is dedicated to delivering prompt, accurate, high-quality, and effective background screening services on a consistent basis. ACUTRAQ provides comprehensive reports by conducting social media screening, personal reference verifications, professional license verifications, and much more. The company stays abreast of constantly changing laws to keep its clients informed and provides a very easy-to-use system with 24/7 access, which is integrated with many applicant tracking systems (ATS) and property management systems (PMS).

  • Accurate information systems

    Accurate information systems

    AIS is a leading background check company providing accurate employment background screening services domestically and internationally

  • AmeriWide Screeners

    AmeriWide Screeners

    AmeriWide Screeners specialize in pre-employment background screening and empowers employers’ decisions and play an integral part of helping maintain safer workplaces through exhaustive and thorough screening practices

  • Before You Hire

    Before You Hire

    Serving clients on a nationwide level, Before You Hire is ‘Full Service’ Screening Firm that provides essential information to make quality employment decisions

  • Blue Line Investigative Solutions

    Blue Line Investigative Solutions

    Blue Line Investigative Solutions provides results-orientated comprehensive investigative services for legal professionals, those in the commerce industry, and private clientele in the areas of civil, criminal, family and personal matters

  • Bradley Screening

    Bradley Screening

    Bradley Screening strive in customer service and technology and provides the comprehensive services with accurate and reliable information

  • EmploySecure


    EmploySecure provides full-fledged investigative and surveillance services in the fields of pre-employment screening; background verification; surveillance and security; family law; litigation;threat assessment; domestic investigation and so on

  • ScreenThem


    ScreenThem is a full service pre-employment background screening company that understands the complex screening needs of today’s global employers and strive to provide easy-to-use, streamlined solutions that help organizations work smarter

  • StarPoint Screening

    StarPoint Screening

    StarPoint Screening provides tools for landlord, property managers, and employers to do credit checks, pre-employment reports and more

  • True Lies Investigations

    True Lies Investigations

    True Lies Investigations is a full service private investigation agency providing confidential investigations