SafestHires: Military Innovation Drives Advancements In Background Screening Technology

Andy Andersen, President & Co-Founder, SafestHiresAndy Andersen, President & Co-Founder
Total client satisfaction is our shared sense of purpose.’ Distilling the gist of this quote, Andy Andersen, President and Co-Founder of SafestHires explains that having a “shared sense of purpose” is a motto in the US Navy SEALS that keeps the entire team focused and motivated to achieve something bigger than themselves. This wisdom comes from two of his co-founders at SafestHires who served as US Navy SEALS. With all of the co-founders having served in the Navy, they’ve channelled their service experience to aim high and achieve even higher in creating the most advanced technology for screening job applicants.

The result is RapidHire™, an employment screening and drug testing platform that emphasizes convenience, speed, accuracy and compliance. With scheduled reviews and regular input from 500 HR and Talent Acquisition professionals, RapidHire™ is continuously evolving to remain the easiest, fastest and most accurate employment screening platform in America.

When employment screening technology doesn’t keep pace with the dynamic needs of today’s workforce, it creates inefficiencies that can slow productivity, lose qualified talent, and even increase a company’s exposure to litigation. All of this inflates operational costs, which directly impacts a company’s bottom line.

“With the mission to eliminate these space-critical disappointments and lead the way for convenience, speed, accuracy and compliance, we constantly improve our technology,” says Andersen.
“We recently added machine learning and data science, coded a drug test tracking feature into our software and launched Hirelink, which is a Chrome browser extension that automatically integrates with every ATS – at no cost to our clients,” Andersen said.

He also says they recently updated their platform with a fully automated adverse action process, including all individualized assessment requirements, special disclosures and applicant feedback loops that are strongly encouraged by the EEOC and required in numerous Ban-the-Box jurisdictions. With these compliance protections in place, and their technology advancements meeting all other performance criteria like ease-of-use, rapid turnaround and greater accuracy, their clients can now enjoy “Neiman Marcus service quality at Walmart prices,” Andersen said.

When it comes to other performance metrics like turnaround time and accuracy, Andersen says their technology ensures a superior customer experience. For example, SafestHires has run side-by-side comparisons against more than 500 competitors over the past two years and their searches have always been faster. Direct integration with public records systems and partnering with the most reputable researchers in America ensures industry-leading speed while machine learning and data science yields maximum possible accuracy.

SafestHires boosts its operational quality by employing experienced US-based personnel who perform the final review of background check reports for quality assurance. Each service team member is required to earn their FCRA Certification from the National Association of Professional Background Screeners, and every client gets a three-person dedicated service team, with live online support during business hours, and after-hours support.

With its advanced technology, superior customer support and extremely competitive pricing, SafestHires has experienced 100% year-over-year growth since 2014. They expect this trend to continue as they discover new and innovative ways to improve their technology so they can meet the demands of a dynamic market.

The leadership team’s military background drives focus, dedication and attention to detail – all in the name of one shared purpose, which is total client satisfaction.