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Zach Daigle, President, PreCheckZach Daigle, President The widespread opioid abuse costs employers nearly $12 billion, with 12 percent and higher of the workforce under the influence of drugs at workplaces. Such instances could potentially decrease employee productivity, increase workplace accidents, leading to a potentially hazardous environment for both drug users and their co-workers. Unfortunately, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

To confront such impediments, all healthcare employers must strike a balance between providing a safe and healthy work environment for their employees with a need to avoid potential liability when taking decisive, well-meaning, protective action. Accordingly, this situation demands special employment-related concerns, regulatory practices, and possible legal pitfalls that healthcare employers may face when confronting a potential pandemic. These circumstances call for a partner that supports quality care such as PreCheck, the healthcare industry’s leading provider of background screening, compliance, and credentialing solutions.

The Houston-based company offers a wide range of services catered to healthcare employers, including employee background investigations, professional license management, exclusion and sanction screening, electronic I-9 and E-Verify processing, and employee health screening. In the education sector, PreCheck’s StudentCheck student screening suite of service brings together students, schools, and clinical sites to manage background screening, drug testing, and immunization tracking requirements.

Our premium, tailored employment screening solution offerings are the result of continuous technological innovation and a drive to offer the industry’s best employment screening solutions that support quality care

In this manner, StudentCheck produces 100,000 potential new job candidates annually. “Our premium, tailored employment screening solutions are the result of continuous technological innovation and a drive to offer the industry’s best employment screening solutions that support quality care,” adds Zach Daigle, President at PreCheck.

With decades of screening experience, PreCheck has a thorough understanding of the healthcare industry, combining the best of automation with a client-focused business approach that has allowed the company to develop solutions to meet the growing and evolving needs of the healthcare industry. Consequently, employers from across the healthcare continuum trust PreCheck to handle their employment screening efforts.

In one instance, a well renowned US-based health system—having more than 150 hospitals under their umbrella—began experiencing issues as their existing employment screening providers’ drug testing laboratories were scattered all over the country. The health system sought a reliable screening partner that delivers the highest verification and customer satisfaction rates within the healthcare industry.
PreCheck came to their aid, integrating the organization’s applicant tracking system with background screening while also consolidating and centralizing their entire HR operations. The health system was pleased with PreCheck’s service levels and responsiveness, as well as the best practices implemented through the partnership. This use case further exemplifies PreCheck’s commitment to supporting healthcare organizations at each stage of the employment lifecycle, delivering guaranteed success. As a testament to the company’s commitment to excellence, PreCheck has been recognized as an Inc. 5000 company from 2013 to 2018 and has also achieved Background Screening Credentialing Council Accreditation by the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA).

Currently serving over 4,000 hospitals, long-term care facilities, clinics, educational institutions, and other ancillary healthcare organizations across the U.S., PreCheck has become the pre-eminent background screening provider for the healthcare industry. To further advance its employee monitoring capabilities, PreCheck is working on augmenting its services by leveraging disruptive technologies like Blockchain and Machine Learning. After being acquired by Cisive—a global provider of compliance-driven onboarding and pre-employment background screening solutions—PreCheck plans to expand its capabilities outside the United States while focusing on providing better resources and more in-depth expertise for its healthcare clients. “Together, we are engineering the future of screening, and partnering with a specialized provider like us will make all the difference in the world,” concludes Daigle.
- Aaron Pierce
    April 13, 2020
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Houston, TX

Zach Daigle, President

PreCheck is a healthcare-specific background screening firm helping healthcare organizations improve patient safety and quality of care with a suite of employment qualification tools