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Joe Reilly, President & Tom Fulmer,  VP Busieness Development, National Drug ScreeningJoe Reilly, President & Tom Fulmer, VP Busieness Development
According to a recent government statistic, around 60 million Americans use illegal drugs, making it difficult to hire quality talent. Needless to say, businesses are in a tricky position when it comes to recruiting and creating a drugfree workplace for all. The situation is further complicated since several states have legalized marijuana use (for medical or recreational use), requiring custom pre-employment drug testing programs to screen applicants more clearly. As a leader in providing highly professional pre-employment drug screening services throughout the U.S., National Drug Screening (NDS) helps businesses make evidence-based selections of their talent, increasing productivity and reducing liability exposure.

“We pride ourselves on being one of the 29 drug testing firms in the nation that is Nationally Accredited for Administration of Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs (NAADATP),” says Joe Reilly, the President of NDS. This means that the company’s facilities, operations, and team meet the higher standards of confidentiality and ethics and provide great customer service. Additionally, NDS is one of 8 drug testing firms in the nation to receive status from the National Drug & Alcohol Screening Association (NDASA) as an accredited Consortium/Third Party Administrator (C/TPA).

NDS serves many employers, such as the DOT Consortium, Medical Review Officers (MRO), and software, training, and consulting companies, to help them navigate the sea of everchanging drug laws with best-in-class drug testing options. Chosen for its exclusive focus on drug testing, NDS offers proactive testing solutions and unparalleled professional services in compliance with federal and state regulations, industry standards, and best practices.

NDS traces its roots back to 1993 when Reilly started his journey in the drug testing industry and established a company called Florida Drug Screening. After serving in different leadership roles in the company for almost two decades, his career took a strategic turn when he decided to provide consulting and training services to his peers in the industry. Later, in 2013, Reilly saw the real need for a national Third-Party Administrator (TPA) with extensive technological expertise to align well with the changing tide and founded NDS.

Pre-Employment Drug Screening Made Simple

Primarily serving small and mediumsized businesses in the U.S, NDS’ expertise lies in providing quick, easy-to-manage, and affordable drug testing programs designed to meet their unique needs. The company offers exceptional MRO services combined with a software platform that manages all aspects of drug testing programs from test scheduling to completion. In addition, its robust online web portal system allows employers to order pre-employment tests online instantly. Clients can then send their applicants in for a drug test to over 10,000 facilities across the U.S. and get faster turnaround time for results by leveraging its unique drug-testing management system.

For businesses looking for a quick pre-employment drug test, random drug test, or reasonable suspicion drug test, it offers immediate or sameday drug tests. NDS’ portfolio thus includes a wide range of tests, the most popular of which are its five-panel and ten-panel urine drug tests. Some of the major beneficiaries of NDS’ pre-employment drug testing expertise are the industries regulated by the DOT. Before hiring, safety-sensitive employees—pilots, boat captains, and truck drivers—have to submit drug and alcohol testing results. Once they are hired, they must be subject to random testing, which NDS excels at with its full-service DOT-compliant testing solutions. For non-regulated clients, the company serves as a third partyadministrator (TPA), offering novel drug tests that comply with state and federal laws and industry best practices.
Building A Drug-Free Workforce

Elaborating on NDS’ value proposition, Reilly notes its ability to provide a comprehensive DrugFree Workplace Program to regulated and non-regulated clients. A typical program generally has five major components: a written policy, employee education, supervisor training, drug testing, and an employee assistance program. Under NDS’ unique DrugFree Workplace Program, the company helps employers develop a written policy on the drug testing program, circulated among employees and applicants to outline their business imperatives. The company will then educate employees about the program and the harmful effects of illicit drugs in workplaces. As a result, NDS can offer something more than just drug testing by helping clients understand how drug abuse—be it alcohol, pain medication, marijuana, and other drugs—affects their workplace and their co-workers.

Next, NDS provides supervisor training, empowering managers to recognize the signs and symptoms of potential drug abuse among their workforce and ask for a test if necessary. Supervisor training lies at the core of the NDS Drug-Free Workplace Program as it is mandatory for DOTregulated programs and considered best practice for all others. A reasonable suspicion drug test is then conducted by collecting specimens—typically urine, hair, or oral fluid—which are sent to a federally certified and licensed laboratory. Before releasing the results, an MRO verification is conducted to eliminate the possibilities for false positives caused by prescription medication. Furthermore, NDS can reduce the overall turnaround time by integrating the whole process via its robust drug testing management web portal. NDS’ Drug-Free Workplace Program also includes access to employee assistance programs that provides them with the resources to seek voluntary help in instances of drug abuse.

Carving A Unique Niche In Drug Testing Space

Such a robust solution, combined with its dedication to serving as a trusted partner of its clients, has helped NDS glean a legion of customers over the years. “Our mission is to provide a great customer experience to our clients,” adds Reilly. With a team of industry experts, including Julie Floriano, the VP of Operations, and Tom Fulmer, the VP of Business Development, who both share the same vision, the company provides unrivaled customer services that meet and exceed their expectations. This is a manifestation of NDS’ ongoing employee training programs, providing them with the knowledge and competitive edge to address clients’ varying drug testing needs. Adhering to the philosophy of “knowledge is power,” the company ensures that its employees have a deep bench of expertise in the drug testing space, which is the hallmark of its success and its 4.9-star rating on Google reviews.
  • We Pride Ourselves on Being One of the 29 Drug Testing Firms in the Nation that is Nationally Accredited for Administration of Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs (Naadatp)

Behind such a massive success of NDS lies Reilly’s extensive experience and in-depth expertise in the drug testing space. Being a national expert in the industry since 1993, he knows the ins and outs of the pre-employment drug screening landscape, which was the company’s first investment and invaluable asset that drives NDS forward.

Future-Proofing Preemployment Drug Screening

NDS’ focus on customer services always drives it to explore new avenues of success. “For us, success is serving as an industry leader that offers professional, expert, and compliant drug testing services, provides guidance to employers, helps formulate drug-free workplace policies, and allows them to adhere to federal and state laws,” mentions Reilly. The company also continues to invest in employee development and training. The other big thing on NDS’ horizon is augmenting its marketing endeavors by enhancing its website with additional content and search engine optimization.
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National Drug Screening

National Drug Screening

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Joe Reilly, President & Tom Fulmer, VP Busieness Development

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