CBY Systems: Background Checks with Accuracy and Ease

Steve Gohn, President, CBY SystemsSteve Gohn, President
Background checks reveal information about a person’s character, reputation, and experience. To avoid negligent hiring, employers perform due diligence on candidates before hiring or promoting them. While personal information can be readily obtained from the Internet, employment screening companies understand that the freely available online information can seldom be trusted for its veracity. With longstanding experience in the pre-employment screening industry, CBY Systems helps businesses build safer workplaces and succeed in a highly competitive market. The company’s philosophy is to approach background checks as a professional service, and not merely as a commodity to be bought and resold at the lowest price. The foremost priority for them is accuracy.

Established in 1927 as The Credit Bureau of York, CBY Systems has always handled sensitive information. While employment screening was only a part of the services they offered initially, by the 1950s, a dedicated department was established. Currently, CBY Systems will research and provide criminal histories, education credentials, driving records, employment references, credit, and drug tests, to name a few. From small independent employers with less than 20 employees to larger organizations that have up to 15,000 employees, CBY Systems caters to clients of all sizes and industries. Steve Gohn, president of CBY Systems, explains, “Instead of limiting ourselves to being a vendor, we function as an extension of a client’s HR department, completing background verifications in a timely manner.”

Compliance is vital for anyone screening prospective employees. CBY Systems adheres to state and federal compliance laws such as FCRA and HIPAA, effectively reducing liability for a privacy violation. Particularly in Pennsylvania, under Act 153, educational employees are required to complete a check for criminal history, child abuse, and a FBI criminal history that is obtained by submitting a full set of fingerprints.

Instead of limiting ourselves to being a vendor, we function as an extension of a client’s HR department, completing background verifications in a timely manner

Unlike other vendors, CBY Systems had anticipated the legislation and made preparations in advance. While individuals need to submit the clearance documents at their place of employment, CBY Systems eliminates this time-consuming process by monitoring the progress of their application and informing employers directly. Additionally, CBY Systems has developed a process that alerts when an employee’s clearance needs to be renewed, which is once every five years.

Aside from compliance, data protection is a prime concern for private screening companies; FCRA standards require archived information to be stored for 7 years. CBY Systems partners with TazWorks, a background screening technology provider to ensure that data is stored in a cloud-based system securely.

Rather than only using database information whose accuracy cannot always be verified, CBY Systems prefers to use primary sources such as County or State repositories. When ordering background checks, some information, such as names, can be instantly verified while others, like reference checks, require a longer time. Gohn mentions how CBY Systems’ employment screening services helped a manufacturer that wanted to check the annual motor vehicle records for multiple employees achieve a significantly better turnaround time. CBY Systems was able to outperform several competitors, as noted by the client.

Moving forward, CBY Systems is planning to launch a bundled screening solution for employers that hire drivers subject to Department of Transportation regulations, which will include background checks, drug tests, and motor vehicle records, among others by mid-2019. CBY Systems has been able to grow and diversify its services over the decades, evolving into a reliable partner for pre-employment background check services.