Why Pre-Employment Background Screening is Important

Bernard Taylor,Director of Talent Acquisition,illumina

Bernard Taylor,Director of Talent Acquisition,illumina

A well-formulated background screening program will help decrease your hire costs by offering visible, observable ROIs from the beginning.

Applicant background screening has become the standard in today's business world, with almost every business using some form of background screening process in its staffing process. A well-formulated background screening program will help decrease your hire costs by offering visible, observable ROIs from the beginning. Here are five advantages of pre-employment background screening:

Improved Regulatory Compliance

A third-party background screening provider with in-house regulatory experts can help your company to efficiently develop a screening solution that not only meets your industry standards but also meets national and federal regulatory standards that depend on the state and by the particular position you recruit. Without this kind of background screening program in place, your company faces fines and continuous legal problems.

Reduced Drug/Alcohol Abuse

Substance abuse screening can minimize the effects of drug and alcohol abuse, such as absenteeism, employee turnover, behavioral problems, misappropriation, low productivity, crime, violence, and more.

Improved Quality of Hire

When using an extensive background screening program, there is an increased quality of hire in staffing efforts. Talent acquisition is a challenge in almost every business, and qualified candidate with reliable information are a major component of that challenge.

Decrease in Negligent Hiring Risks

There is a high level of risk in unprofessional hiring, which often puts your company directly accountable for your employees' actions. It has become common to see a company that has missed to review the background of employees before hiring and has, therefore, been accountable for it. When incidents occur that could have prevented a company from knowing the employee's past, lawsuits are filed, and companies often incur enormous reputational harm.

Decrease in Employee Turnover

Background screening of new employees will significantly decrease your unwanted turnover. The more you know about a new hire before a job offer is made, the lower your chances of making a wrong hiring decision.

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