Improve your Next Open Enrollment Period with Text Messaging

By Ken Rhie, CEO

Ken Rhie, CEO

When you understand that only 9 percent of employees are 'very knowledgeable' about their benefits, it becomes no surprise that direct, clear communication is vital during your open enrollment period. Your employees have questions, but many may find that their questions aren't answered. While email can be an effective form of communication, text messaging is faster and easier. Employees can be reached no matter where they are, as long as they are carrying their mobile devices. When you want to bring your open enrollment period to the next level, it's time to find a text messaging platform to streamline communication and ease the burden felt by your HR department.

“When you improve employee communication with human resources, creating awareness becomes easier”

Make your next open enrollment period more successful by:

Increasing Awareness through Affordable Text Messaging

Open enrollment strategies to increase awareness can help make the process more affordable. Instead of wasting money on printed materials to get attention and share information, texting is a way to share this information digitally. When you improve employee communication with human resources, creating awareness becomes easier. Employees can text in questions, and HR can send out reminders that the open enrollment period is about to start.

Keep Employees Motivated through Texting

Busy employees are not going to prioritize signing up for a new benefit plan. When you need to remind employees that it's time to attend a meeting or sign up for a new plan, a quick text message will do the trick. You can send out reminders about upcoming meetings to discuss benefits, and use the system to message employees who haven't completed paperwork yet.

Share Information about Benefits through SMS

The paperwork that needs to get shared during the open enrollment period can be cumbersome. To share information more efficiently, create informational pages about each plan and send your employees links to these pages. This makes it easy to look back at text messages and review the information instead of trying to locate paperwork. If an employee has specific questions regarding a plan, they can ask these questions through a text message.

Schedule Meetings using SMS

When you have a large number of employees to schedule meetings for, SMS can be invaluable to your HR department. You can send out a bulk message to all employees that lists the open meeting times. Employees can sign up for meeting times automatically, and each time a slot is full all other employees must choose a different time. The time of your HR department won't be wasted trying to schedule meetings.

Use Texting to Gather Feedback

When your open enrollment period ends, you can gather useful information from your employees by sending out a survey through text messaging. Take the time to review the completed surveys you receive to see how you can improve your open enrollment period for the following year. Send out the survey shortly after the period ends to gather the best feedback from employees.

Your next open enrollment period can run more smoothly if you implement text messaging to communicate. Text messaging makes it easier for your HR department to set up meetings and to communicate benefit information with your employees. You won't have employees who claim they weren't contacted, as text messaging is an easy form of communication to trace. When you want to give your HR department the communication tool that is most effective during an open enrollment period, text messaging is the answer. With these tips you can get your employees signed up for the benefits with ease.

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